Monday, December 15, 2008

After Sunday dinners at grandma's it's a given that Macey will go put on some music and we'll all have to dance (mostly watch her dance!) She'll dance on grandma's big red rug, jumping from each triangle on it, and watching herself in the fireplace glass the WHOLE time.

Caleb trying to get to the ornaments he can reach. Macey is actually the one I have to keep an eye on. I went to plug in our lights the other day and there in the back of the tree was a stash of ornaments.

This is his little smile that he does after he's just done something he's been told "no no" to.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thanksgiving came and then somehow half of December is gone without much notice. It seems that since Thanksgiving life has been a lot busier, I'm not quite sure what we've been doing, but it's definitely busier. We had Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's home. Mom fixed an amazing meal, we pretty much just had to show up and eat as much as we could, which somehow I managed to eat a lot!! Mom so graciously gave Macey some outside lights for the house, so after much begging, pleading, whining, puppy dog faces, Steve caved and put up lights. I love to look at the lights and it's amazing how they add to the spirit of Christmas, so it's a fun to come home at nights and see our house lit up. I felt like I have so much to be grateful for this year and am so appreciative. I have an amazing husband, two great kids, we are all healthy, jobs, a home to live in, the gospel. I could go on and on, I simply feel blessed. Grandma Kathy made a Christmas bag for the grand kids that was full of little presents to be opened throughout the month. Most are little things, like a puzzle, or a box of brownies to be made and shared with the neighbors. It's been fun to look forward to the evenings and reading a poem or story to go along with the gift and then doing to activity with it. One was a book that we read together, another was a movie for family night. I wanted this year to place more of an importance on the spirit and meaning of Christmas, then just on getting gifts. This activity has been fun for us because we've been able to spend time as a family doing them. I love the age that Macey's at right now because she's excited about everything, looking at lights, making treats, being happy with just a little things. It's a great age! I realized though that it's almost the 25th and we have not made near enough treats, so the goal this next week is the make many many yummy goodies, and then take them to my sister's home(I will make you cave!)

was sick a couple weeks ago so we took him to the hospital and after a looooooong wait it turned out not to be an ear infection like I thought but just a little virus, so we are still waiting it out. At nine months he tipped to scale at 17 pounds 11 ounces, and I still need to measure height (don't forget, mom please write a sticky note for me!). He crawls all over, stands up to things, but appears to have no desire to walk. He melts my heart, and I'm sure that he'd melt yours too. He loves his hugs and kisses, cuddles at intervals through the day, and is getting quite accustomed to falling asleep in Mom and Dad's bed. He also likes to be down playing, doing his own thing. He'll get on the floor and follow behind Macey, being her little shadow. The other day he was on a patch of tile by our back door, and was playing with a bouncy ball. It would bounce then land on the carpet and stop. He was quite amazed by this and played for about twenty minutes doing this. I love this kid and the simpleness of his play.

is four. Need I say more! She is still our energizer bunny, that never seems to stop. I try to keep up but then after ten minutes, I'm ready for a break. Miss Angie is her preschool teacher, and she loves it. Every day she ask if she can go to school, if only she could keep this excitement for the next 13+ years! Avery is in her class which makes it all the more fun. Macey loves her little brother and still refers to him as "son", she packs him around, dotes on him, smothers him in kisses, pushes him in the stroller, tries to feed him, and most of the time he has a big smile on his face and loves the attention. I love their little relationship, and bond that they have together. The other day my Mom treated Macey and her parents to Bolt while she watched Caleb. It was fun to have just "Macey Time". On the way home Macey was talking to us, and it made me realize how big and grown up she is getting, and while on a daily basis we still have debates and the trying to reason with a four year old (I rarely win), I realized that I need to soak up all of that girl I can, I love every bit of her, and I don't want to miss out on one little important thing she has to say!

Baby Legs

I love my babies little Baby Legs! There awesome, couldn't survive without them (ok maybe I could). No more skinned knees, trying to wrestle getting pants on and off during diaper changes. Caleb wears these about every day, he even sports a cute pink pair every now and then! If you're the last to know about a great product like myself and don't already have a pair of these for your baby, then get a pair. You won't regret it, promise! They are super easy to make and you can watch a tutorial here. Or if your super lazy and have 0 talent then buy a pair here! I have a feeling that Santa is going to stuff Caleb's stocking with these!


I think that these stars are really cute and have made several as you can see! My house is star'd out, but that's ok, she says that one can not have too many stars in their home! I'm loving Modge Podge lately, and am realizing the endless possibilities of it! Our ward made these for our Make-it Take-it and were a big hit.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Thank you to the nap fairy for bringing complete, uninterupted peace to our home today! I really don't think that there's anything sweeter than the sight of kids sleeping. I've thought about taking a nap too, but then I decided to get caught up on some bloggin, did a load of laundry, made my bed, picked up the everyday this-and-that's around the house, ate lunch (not just a candy bar and coke!), and now I think I'll go and find some recipes to send to Aunt Janae that she's been requesting for about 6 months now! Come to think of it I'm kinda tired maybe a nap instead!!

I have to make quick mention of my new and cute bench that my father-in-law made. I like to think that he made it just for me, but I think the actual fact of it is that it was just sitting there and my sweet husband snatched it up for me! Now instead of sitting on the stairs to put shoes on we can sit on our too cute bench! I Love It!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8 Months

My little guy is 8 months today and changing each day. He's definitely a true boy; he loves his ball and I think that he'd be pretty happy if I gave him a steak and some potatoes, even if he had to gum it for a couple hours. Here's 8 things about you "Calem:" 1. You're crawling and have been for a good month, most the time you just want to be down crawling, checking things out 2. Your first words were ba for ball and bababa for bottle, and just yesterday you started saying mamama 3. You're starting to hold onto objects and stand up 4. You love to play Pat-a-Cake
5. You'll only let mom put you to bed 6. You sleep best when cuddled up next to someone (mainly me:)) 7. You're still so easy going and so happy, everyone always says that their going to steal you, and I can't blame them for wanting to! 8. Macey is usually the one who gets the biggest smiles from you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year Macey was dragon by day and lion by night, and Caleb was our little Kermie Frog. Macey's preschool put on a little show for the parents and the kids made up a story about themselves. It started off with a purple dragon that lived in the woods and blew fire, and a pink bunny (Avery) that lived in the woods also... They sang some Halloween songs and recited a little poem. It was so cute to watch, Macey loved it. Macey's been dressing up every day this week so excited to go "triter treating." We made Halloween cupcakes and on Monday Macey took some over to our neighbors, Sanna Rae and Ralph. 10 minutes later she was back, knocking on their door in costume to "triter treating!" We really have the best neighbors and Macey loves them, even in spite of their Halloween tricks! 2 years ago they had their grandson sit on the porch in costume and scare treaters when they came up. He spooked Macey and it pretty much ruined her night, we were done after that. She wouldn't go back the next year, but this year she went over, they spoiled her with goodies and then we went on our way. Later that night when we got home I heard a knock on our door and went to get it with Macey behind me, I opened the door and it was Bigfoot, and not just a big gorilla, I mean it was a really scary Bigfoot, with bulging eyes and all. I knew it was Ralph but I still kinda screeched, Macey was really spooked, she started shacking and screaming. So thanks Ralph for the nightmares, and I'm pretty sure that we won't be seeing you next year;) We were an hour late for our ward trunk-er-treat and pretty much missed it, so we came home with a bucket full of candy. Please send your kids over so we can fill them up and send them home on a major sugar high! I really do love Halloween, mostly because I love candy, but also because there's a distinct feeling of fall in the air. I also love to look at the costumes and see how creative people can get, but, now that's it's over I can start decorating for Christmas...(notice the Santa in the picture with Macey, she's already started)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Testing the limits?

Macey has been so excited all afternoon to go to papa Kay's shop, and now...

she doesn't get to go.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall pics

I've wanted to get some family pics this fall but just haven't had the time, so today Michelle was so kind to snap a few shots for us. Caleb was cranky and not wanting to cooperate and Macey lasted for about 2 seconds, but despite what Michelle had to work with I think we got some really cute pictures, here's a few of my favorites.

The most important things in my life...

Michelle says that these are totally "Suelyn" looks..

Thanks Michelle!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This and That

Just a few things that I've wanted to write about but haven't had time until now.
I've never really canned but this year I've kinda been into it and have enjoyed it. Plus I have an amazing husband who does most the work! Also thanks to Kathy for a lot of the produce and help canning. Hopefully I'll be a little more self-sufficient next year. On our shelves this year:

17 pints green beans 7 pints jalapeno jelly
20 pints pickles 16 pints salsa
7 quarts pickles 41 quarts peaches
9 quarts tomato soup 10 quarts spaghetti sauce
6 quarts chicken 18 pints chicken

The other day I found Macey and Caleb under the crib and asked what they were doing Macey replied "we're on the arf." "Oh you mean the Ark." "No mom the arf, you know the boat (duh)."

A fall without the Corn Maze just isn't, so last weekend Carol and I took the kids. We were attacked by bees (I even almost swallowed one, not kidding), we lost Wayke, the kids are likely to contract a disease from the kernel pit, luckily have not yet! We Survived! Caleb also found out that hay does not taste so good.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Name change

Macey has decided that she wants a new name and for us to call her either Princess or Lulu, depending on the day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Makeup Makeover

WOW! Is it already Halloween! Macey and Paige gave themselves a "Makeup Party" today. Sadly the picture does not do justice!

Buzz Cut

Caleb has been given a buzz before, but I consider this his first offical haircut with style, that is if you consider a military crew-cut in style! Only a few tears shed, but all-in-all a success for a infant.

Cloth Diapers

I think that I'm going to try out cloth diapers and see how it goes. We could save a little money, plus help out the environment. I tried to convince Steve and it did not fly with him. I've never seen Steve so passionately against something. I actually never intended to try them out, I had bought them to make burp rags with, but after seeing Steve get so worked up about it, I thought I'd play it out for a little while! One day when he came home I had one on Caleb and Steve was like "what the heck you poor kid, what has Mom done to you." He actually did not through as big of a stink as I thought he would, after I told him the little joke he said, well I know once you get an idea your going to do it, and there's no stopping you." After being married for over 5 years he's finally starting to get me:) For now we will not be doing cloth diapers in our home, but the gdiapers I think I could definitely like.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Breakfast? Lunch?

It's 2:00pm, we've been for a walk, played at the park, stopped to say hello to great grandpa, and I've realized that we have not had breakfast or lunch, again! Except for those 4 Oreo cookies! So with great weather outside and wanting to be out and enjoying it, I tell Macey to load up, we're going somewhere special! As we turn off onto the Bluebell road she gets a huge smile on her face and shouts for "ice cream!" Hey why not? It's not like we get ice cream everyday for breakfast and lunch, just every other day! Macey has enjoyed the little trips up to Bluebell this summer to play at the park and then indulge on some hard ice cream from the Bluebell store across the road, and if grandma's around then Caleb gets to enjoy a few licks also. My children may not get all the protein they need, but dairy we've got covered! Did I mention that we've been to the park TWICE (2) today. Macey would live at the park if I let her, and spend the whole time on the swings! When we came back home Macey grabbed her shake coupons from Rocky's and asked ever so nicely if we could go get ice cream, I'm not that nice.
P.S. As I write this Macey has crowded in on my chair space and is trying to do my hair, I'm telling her for the 100th time, "Macey seriously I really don't want my hair done today," she replies, "seriously Mom, you do want you hair done today." Who can argue with that!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

6 Months

First time sitting by himself and proud of it
I'm not quite sure what the facial expression is, but it looks serious
My little guy is 6 months old today. Weighting in at about 16 lbs, and not as tall as I thought you were, ranking just in the 10% at your last check up, if that means anything. With the genes on both sides of the family I don't think height will be an issue. Here's 6 things about you little buddy:
* This past week you have been sitting up by yourself, and pretty proud of it
* You love applesauce and pears, and not so much for squash. Unfortunately I think you have also inherited your Mother's sweet tooth.
* You have a one-of-a-kind hairstyle, no matter how much lotion or gel is used it usually goes back to it's normal shape!
* You wake up smiling and babbling, go to bed smiling, laugh easily, your positively the happiest, most easy going baby.
* You love to bounce up and down, you'll get into your walker toy and just jump up and down and hauler the whole time.
* Loves kisses, mostly from your Mom of course!

Labor Day Weekend

Last Friday we had the joy of going to Swiss Days and battling it out with the other women there. Yes, I was the one with the baby, and stroller, and 4 year old. While it was really fun to battle the crowd, and trying to get in the already crowded tents, I would not suggest taking the little tikes along. Anyways, we bought lots of good stuff that we probably would not have bought otherwise. We did pick up some really cute headbands for around $13 each, we got a deal because we bought 3, then that night we stayed with Aunt Janae and she helped us make some more (if your a Basinite it's 'smore') at a cost of around 1.25 each. On our way home we stopped of at Bridal Veil Falls and had a picnic then played in the water. The rest of the weekend we had Mindy and Aaron's kids or "the girls" over for a night, and we hung out at Mom and Dad's and ate the weekend away. It was a great way to end the last big weekend of summer.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Day

For anyone's who's interested head on over to Design Mom and there are tons of auctions going on to help out the Nielson family. It's such a great way to help out and donate, and as a bonus you can get something really awesome while doing so. I think most of the auctions are going through the weekend so check it out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you a Nie reader?

I've been reading about Love for Nie for the past couple of days, and saddened by this horrible accident It has been a constant reminder to me to appreciate my health, and the things I'm capable of doing. I love the fact that I can kiss my kids, hold them, and read to them. It is so easy for me to take these simple pleasures and much more for granted. Stephanie's sister, cjane gives updates on the couples condition, and how their doing. I love to read her post and how strong and positive the family is. The families faith in the gospel has been a strength to my testimony and how we need to remain close to our Heavenly Father, especially during trials in our life. It is a daily battle for me to not be worldly or place my happiness on material stuff. I hope that as I read about their progress and condition that the feelings I've had will remain with me and that it will be a constant reminder to me that the gospel and my family are really the only things that matter.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Strictly Monkey Business

About a month ago I borrowed my Moms bunt pans to make monkey bread, well today and after many request from Steve, I finally got around to making some. I wonder if my mom noticed that her pans are missing? Having Macey in the kitchen while cooking is usually not so much fun. There are a lot of Macey's and don'ts in the same sentence. Well, today she helped me make the bread and it's was the funnest hour I've ever spent in the kitchen. I made the dough while her and Caleb were napping, then when she woke up we had fun rolling out the dough, cutting out circles, and getting our fingers all greasy with butter while dipping the dough in it. She loved watching the bread grow in the oven, and of course the best part, eating it!I'm sure that we'll be making it again soon.

Big Boobs?

Macey: "Dad what was that girls name again."
Steve responded with so-and-sos name-
Macey: "no Dad, the one with the big boobs"
I honestly don't know were she has heard that before.

I think this little story is blog worthy since I still laugh out loud and get tears in my eyes a week later just thinking about it. I'm afraid though that it's just one of those things that you had to be there, but you'll get an idea..

Last week we were in sacrament singing the hymn and Steve notices that no one has got up to shut the doors, so of course he gets up to shut them, he's standing there for a few minutes realizing that the doors on the other side of the chapel have not been shut, so he's looking around wondering what's going on and if anyone's going to get the door while in the meantime opening the door for a few people to go out. He notices Wayne mouthing something to him and holding up two fingers, Steve's not understanding and mouthing "what" back and after about 2-3 times and Steve not getting it Wayne gives up. Well half way through the song Steve comes and sits back down by me and is telling me that maybe they don't close the doors anymore. I'm completely clueless as well, looking over to the open doors saying I'm sure they do, I don't know why someone hasn't shut them." Then it finally hits- it's only the first hymn. hahaha. I guess we're just so used to coming in late, we naturally think that it's the 2nd hymn. You could just see the bishopric snickering on the stand. Needless to say anytime we go anywhere now joke is that Steve's got the door!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weight's 2008

We had the 3rd annual Kay Weight reunion this past weekend. Kay and Aunt Saundra sealed their parents in the Mt Timpanogas Temple, Steve and some of his siblings and spouses also attended. After we went to Los Hermanos to eat, and eat, and eat some more (I wonder who picked that place:)) For the rest of the day we shopped, what else do you do in the city! Most of the family went to Lagoon on Saturday, at least those who could handle it:) Despite the heat, humidity, and crowd, it was a blast. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun day. Crazy Abri made me be her riding partner, and despite a few tears shed on Wicked, I did pretty good:) We'll hit Samurai at least twice next year Ab! Macey loved the rides, and being with her cousins. I thought she might have been a little more of a chicken, but she wasn't, she even ventured out of kiddie land and went on some of the bigger rides that she was tall enough for and loved them. Sunday we were lucky enough to have some of the world's best brisket ever made by Papa Kay. Seriously sooooooooooo good. I'm so lucky to be part of such a great family, and have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. Thanks everyone for the fun weekend, I luv ya all!

While they were in the temple
I was responsible for these juvenile delinquents
I could only keep my sanity for so long with this bunch
A few pics of the weekend

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mud fun

What do you know we have received rain at our house! Thank you neighbors for being righteous people and letting us reap the rewards from it! You can tell that rain like this is seldom since I let my 4yr old go out at 8pm and play in the mud, that's how delirious I was over a little rain. Having a nice big dirt yard does have it's advantages. Macey could not have been more dainty about playing in the mud. At first she tipped toed through it being as careful as possible, soon she was running through the puddles. I finally talked her into doing a cartwheel, but she was being very careful not to get too dirty. Macey made some mud pie, which somehow ended up all over my porch!
What a Girl! This is as dirty as it gets. She makes more of a mess when she eats.
Guilty spectators. Luckily Macey had just given me a manicure that day or I would have been so embarrassed had my nails not been done Stevie had cooked dinner, had it waiting on the table, and growing very impatient with us, I think he was saying something to the effect of 'you guys get in here now, dinners getting cold.' I think I've heard that phrase before mom!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Living in the Basin presents many opportunities for a "serious" moment, a moment when you see or hear something, stop, look, and the word that usually pops into my head is "seriously." For example: today I was loading my groceries into the car when an old beater truck drove by me in the parking lot, windows down and blasting from the factory installed speakers was "ice ice baby, ice ice baby." Seriously.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We've Finally Arrived...

at "This is the Place!" We were able to go for a couple of days to SLC this past week and learn about some of the early day pioneers. After 2 days of camping Steve was pretty excited to get a shave, but all the barber did was slap some 100 yr old after shave on his face. We were also able to go the Cherry Hill to camp out, and of course to the water park. It was really fun to get away for a couple of days and just hang out with each other, Steve wasn't quite sure though about going to the city to go camping. Mom and Dad came, and that made it all the more fun. Macey was so excited to go that she had her pink suitcase packed 2 days in advance, which consisted of about 12 pairs of underware, 8 pairs of pajama pants, 1 pajama top, 12 shirts, and about every pair of shorts she owns. It made me realize that we need to get that girl out, and do more fun things as a fam. As we were packing the car we would keep finding little things that apparently Macey was packing for the trip also. She had 2 diaper bags, 3 babies, blankets, a bag of paper plates, note pads, pens, and a tupperware bowl full of fake food that she had prepared for us for dessert. I think I unpacked each item at least twice. Somehow the bowl of food made it to camp. We arrived at camp and the first thing Macey did was get that bowl out and tell us that she had brought the food. We packed food to fix meals, but with a variety of resturants 5 miles away we really decided to be on vacation and eat out. It was great to go, and hard to come home!
My Fam! Caleb finally passed out from heat exhaustion

Caleb was just happy to be there..Dad's still thinking about it
A lazy day on the Lazy River
Why senior citizens get in for 1/2 price...
Caleb is such a cute stud, he's always smiling, a good natured kid and pleasant to be around, just like his mom:)