Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Boobs?

Macey: "Dad what was that girls name again."
Steve responded with so-and-sos name-
Macey: "no Dad, the one with the big boobs"
I honestly don't know were she has heard that before.

I think this little story is blog worthy since I still laugh out loud and get tears in my eyes a week later just thinking about it. I'm afraid though that it's just one of those things that you had to be there, but you'll get an idea..

Last week we were in sacrament singing the hymn and Steve notices that no one has got up to shut the doors, so of course he gets up to shut them, he's standing there for a few minutes realizing that the doors on the other side of the chapel have not been shut, so he's looking around wondering what's going on and if anyone's going to get the door while in the meantime opening the door for a few people to go out. He notices Wayne mouthing something to him and holding up two fingers, Steve's not understanding and mouthing "what" back and after about 2-3 times and Steve not getting it Wayne gives up. Well half way through the song Steve comes and sits back down by me and is telling me that maybe they don't close the doors anymore. I'm completely clueless as well, looking over to the open doors saying I'm sure they do, I don't know why someone hasn't shut them." Then it finally hits- it's only the first hymn. hahaha. I guess we're just so used to coming in late, we naturally think that it's the 2nd hymn. You could just see the bishopric snickering on the stand. Needless to say anytime we go anywhere now joke is that Steve's got the door!


jeffandlorraine said...

Maybe you and Steve need to watch what you say in front of your children. I can't help but wonder why you and Steve would be talking about big boobs anyway, especially in front of such an impressionable young child. I think that if you tried paying attention in church you could come up with some more wholesome conversation topics. That would also help Steve not embarrass himself by prematurely closing the doors.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the curse of the big breasted..see it's not just the boys who notice ;-)

Ryan and Debra said...

HaHaHaHaHaaa!!!! That's too funny! I bet Kyle got a big kick out of that. Macey is hilarious!!! I will miss seeing all these cute kiddos for preschool.
Tuesday was a sad day for me knowing that they had all started preschool without us...

julie said...

I laughed so hard about both of "life's embarrassing" moments for you guys...very funny!!! I will still laugh next week too, I am sure!!