Friday, November 14, 2008


Thank you to the nap fairy for bringing complete, uninterupted peace to our home today! I really don't think that there's anything sweeter than the sight of kids sleeping. I've thought about taking a nap too, but then I decided to get caught up on some bloggin, did a load of laundry, made my bed, picked up the everyday this-and-that's around the house, ate lunch (not just a candy bar and coke!), and now I think I'll go and find some recipes to send to Aunt Janae that she's been requesting for about 6 months now! Come to think of it I'm kinda tired maybe a nap instead!!

I have to make quick mention of my new and cute bench that my father-in-law made. I like to think that he made it just for me, but I think the actual fact of it is that it was just sitting there and my sweet husband snatched it up for me! Now instead of sitting on the stairs to put shoes on we can sit on our too cute bench! I Love It!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

8 Months

My little guy is 8 months today and changing each day. He's definitely a true boy; he loves his ball and I think that he'd be pretty happy if I gave him a steak and some potatoes, even if he had to gum it for a couple hours. Here's 8 things about you "Calem:" 1. You're crawling and have been for a good month, most the time you just want to be down crawling, checking things out 2. Your first words were ba for ball and bababa for bottle, and just yesterday you started saying mamama 3. You're starting to hold onto objects and stand up 4. You love to play Pat-a-Cake
5. You'll only let mom put you to bed 6. You sleep best when cuddled up next to someone (mainly me:)) 7. You're still so easy going and so happy, everyone always says that their going to steal you, and I can't blame them for wanting to! 8. Macey is usually the one who gets the biggest smiles from you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year Macey was dragon by day and lion by night, and Caleb was our little Kermie Frog. Macey's preschool put on a little show for the parents and the kids made up a story about themselves. It started off with a purple dragon that lived in the woods and blew fire, and a pink bunny (Avery) that lived in the woods also... They sang some Halloween songs and recited a little poem. It was so cute to watch, Macey loved it. Macey's been dressing up every day this week so excited to go "triter treating." We made Halloween cupcakes and on Monday Macey took some over to our neighbors, Sanna Rae and Ralph. 10 minutes later she was back, knocking on their door in costume to "triter treating!" We really have the best neighbors and Macey loves them, even in spite of their Halloween tricks! 2 years ago they had their grandson sit on the porch in costume and scare treaters when they came up. He spooked Macey and it pretty much ruined her night, we were done after that. She wouldn't go back the next year, but this year she went over, they spoiled her with goodies and then we went on our way. Later that night when we got home I heard a knock on our door and went to get it with Macey behind me, I opened the door and it was Bigfoot, and not just a big gorilla, I mean it was a really scary Bigfoot, with bulging eyes and all. I knew it was Ralph but I still kinda screeched, Macey was really spooked, she started shacking and screaming. So thanks Ralph for the nightmares, and I'm pretty sure that we won't be seeing you next year;) We were an hour late for our ward trunk-er-treat and pretty much missed it, so we came home with a bucket full of candy. Please send your kids over so we can fill them up and send them home on a major sugar high! I really do love Halloween, mostly because I love candy, but also because there's a distinct feeling of fall in the air. I also love to look at the costumes and see how creative people can get, but, now that's it's over I can start decorating for Christmas...(notice the Santa in the picture with Macey, she's already started)