Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weight's 2008

We had the 3rd annual Kay Weight reunion this past weekend. Kay and Aunt Saundra sealed their parents in the Mt Timpanogas Temple, Steve and some of his siblings and spouses also attended. After we went to Los Hermanos to eat, and eat, and eat some more (I wonder who picked that place:)) For the rest of the day we shopped, what else do you do in the city! Most of the family went to Lagoon on Saturday, at least those who could handle it:) Despite the heat, humidity, and crowd, it was a blast. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fun day. Crazy Abri made me be her riding partner, and despite a few tears shed on Wicked, I did pretty good:) We'll hit Samurai at least twice next year Ab! Macey loved the rides, and being with her cousins. I thought she might have been a little more of a chicken, but she wasn't, she even ventured out of kiddie land and went on some of the bigger rides that she was tall enough for and loved them. Sunday we were lucky enough to have some of the world's best brisket ever made by Papa Kay. Seriously sooooooooooo good. I'm so lucky to be part of such a great family, and have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. Thanks everyone for the fun weekend, I luv ya all!

While they were in the temple
I was responsible for these juvenile delinquents
I could only keep my sanity for so long with this bunch
A few pics of the weekend

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Ryan and Debra said...

Suelyn, How did you group all of those pictures together in one sheet? I really like it!