Saturday, October 25, 2008

This and That

Just a few things that I've wanted to write about but haven't had time until now.
I've never really canned but this year I've kinda been into it and have enjoyed it. Plus I have an amazing husband who does most the work! Also thanks to Kathy for a lot of the produce and help canning. Hopefully I'll be a little more self-sufficient next year. On our shelves this year:

17 pints green beans 7 pints jalapeno jelly
20 pints pickles 16 pints salsa
7 quarts pickles 41 quarts peaches
9 quarts tomato soup 10 quarts spaghetti sauce
6 quarts chicken 18 pints chicken

The other day I found Macey and Caleb under the crib and asked what they were doing Macey replied "we're on the arf." "Oh you mean the Ark." "No mom the arf, you know the boat (duh)."

A fall without the Corn Maze just isn't, so last weekend Carol and I took the kids. We were attacked by bees (I even almost swallowed one, not kidding), we lost Wayke, the kids are likely to contract a disease from the kernel pit, luckily have not yet! We Survived! Caleb also found out that hay does not taste so good.


Anonymous said...

You're kids are kind-of addicting! I miss them already :-)

julie said...

Looks as if you have been "EXTRA" busy!!! When did you find time to can with your kids? You are a super mom, I always new it!!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Your kids are so cute! Good job on your canning doesn't it feel good to have food storage?!