Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Legs

I love my babies little Baby Legs! There awesome, couldn't survive without them (ok maybe I could). No more skinned knees, trying to wrestle getting pants on and off during diaper changes. Caleb wears these about every day, he even sports a cute pink pair every now and then! If you're the last to know about a great product like myself and don't already have a pair of these for your baby, then get a pair. You won't regret it, promise! They are super easy to make and you can watch a tutorial here. Or if your super lazy and have 0 talent then buy a pair here! I have a feeling that Santa is going to stuff Caleb's stocking with these!


karalyn White said...

they have these in vernal at the snugabugz store. They are cute under skirts with boots too!

Anonymous said...

I have bought a pair of these waiting for someone close to me to have a new baby! Anyone? Anyone?