Friday, July 25, 2008

Offical 2-wheeler

A couple days ago Macey decided that she wanted her training wheels off, so we took them off the little bike for her to practice with. After about a 6 times or so practicing getting started, she had it down and was off to the neighbors to get Paige. At the first of summer we tried to get Macey to ride a two-wheeler, but failed because #1:it was not on her own terms & #2: she has a two-second attention span. I guess she realized that a whole new world and places to go would open up to her without the training wheels. She's roamed the neighborhood plenty since ditching the wheels, and thinks it's pretty cool that she can ride to Paige's by herself. We were smart enough to put 2 horns on her new birthday bike, so hopefully we can hear and know were she is at all times!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good ole' movie memories

I love to think of the movies that I grew up watching and the ones that really stick out in my mind like Toby Tyler, Rad, and such. We never watched a lot of TV, especially since we did not have cable, well not until I went to college of course. So when we watched TV it was usually a movie. My mom has been buying some of these films to add to their movie collection, surprisingly you can still buy them, and I'm sure she is the only one. It's funny to see my daughter watching them, the only difference is I watched them on VHS, and she is watching them on DVD. I'm astonished that my husband is watching several of these for the first time in his life, such a deprived childhood he had! I can tell I'm aging when my nieces give me the "look" when I suggest watching Follow Me Boys, or when I tell them I have not seen House of Wax. I really like Auntie Mame and Hello Dolly, but the fact that I watched them about every time I went to grandma Jennings home is what makes them so great because they remind me of her. It's probably a bit corny that I still enjoy watching them, and that I just rented My Fair Lady the other day, to my surprise it was not rented out! What's your favorite childhood movies growing up?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First timer

I'm a little behind the times with blogging. After hearing how easy it is from friends and how much fun blogging is I've decided to give it a try. So bear with this technology retard as I work through the kinks in my first few blogs. At the begining of 08 I had a goal to write in my journal at least once a month, so 7 months and 2 journal entries later, it's obvious that I did not do to well with that. Just so you know, I did worse with my workout goal. My main reason for doing a blog is I thought it would be a good way to keep a journal, I also think that it is really fun to check in on family and friends once in a while and see how life is going for them. We lead a pretty mondane life and I can't image what happens in our daily life that could be halfway interesting to the rest of you, I only suspect that by reading my posts, you will have realized that you do in fact lead an exciting life compared to myself. Well I've managed to create my first blog, hopefully the first of many.