Monday, August 11, 2008

Mud fun

What do you know we have received rain at our house! Thank you neighbors for being righteous people and letting us reap the rewards from it! You can tell that rain like this is seldom since I let my 4yr old go out at 8pm and play in the mud, that's how delirious I was over a little rain. Having a nice big dirt yard does have it's advantages. Macey could not have been more dainty about playing in the mud. At first she tipped toed through it being as careful as possible, soon she was running through the puddles. I finally talked her into doing a cartwheel, but she was being very careful not to get too dirty. Macey made some mud pie, which somehow ended up all over my porch!
What a Girl! This is as dirty as it gets. She makes more of a mess when she eats.
Guilty spectators. Luckily Macey had just given me a manicure that day or I would have been so embarrassed had my nails not been done Stevie had cooked dinner, had it waiting on the table, and growing very impatient with us, I think he was saying something to the effect of 'you guys get in here now, dinners getting cold.' I think I've heard that phrase before mom!


Lauriej said...

What a hubby! We BBQ a lot so that puts justin in charge too.
Everytime I see a picture of Macey I see a mini Lanette. She is so cute!!

jeffandlorraine said...
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jeffandlorraine said...

Macey is so stinkin cute!!! I wish McKinlee were a little more dainty when it comes to dirt and mud. She would have been eating those mud pies...literally!