Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thanks Mom and Dad for treating us to an awesomely fun and relaxing day of skiing. Thanks also to Sommer for watching Caleb and taking such great care of my little guy. We were able to have a girls day out at Sundance, and take Macey skiing for her 1st time! She was lucky enough to get a private ski lesson for the #1 ski instructor in the state! It took a little coaxing to get her to go on her 2nd run, but after that she went run after run, for 4 straight hours! She kept saying "let's go through the trees...I like to go fast...lets go on bigger runs..." What a little dare devil. Well, she was until she took a pretty good biff, after that she played it a little safer. She was awesome, I could not believe how amazing she was. I was just a little PROUD of her! Mom was a really good sport too, she hadn't been for a few years but she still went and had fun with us, and kept going even after some snowboarder plowed into the back of her. After, we were treated to dinner at an awesome little Mexican restaurant in Midway, which was really good! When we got home Macey was giving Steve some pointers on "french fries," and "pizza." It was a really fun fun day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Fun

We're always happy when Michelle has a day off from work because then we get to hang out with her, and she motivates us to do something fun!
After...treats at Great Grandpa's house. He's always good for nuts, chocolate covered raisins, and cookies(yum)!