Monday, August 4, 2008


Living in the Basin presents many opportunities for a "serious" moment, a moment when you see or hear something, stop, look, and the word that usually pops into my head is "seriously." For example: today I was loading my groceries into the car when an old beater truck drove by me in the parking lot, windows down and blasting from the factory installed speakers was "ice ice baby, ice ice baby." Seriously.


Ryan and Debra said...

You gotta love living in Roosevelt. I am so glad to see that you have joined the blogging world. It is so addicting. I love it!!! Cute site!

Jay Ivins said...

Its all about Roosvelt, isn't it!! Cute Blog

jeffandlorraine said...

First of all, I wasn't blasting my stereo. Second of all ice ice baby is a classic and always will be, oh, and thanks for calling my truck a beater. You can be so insensitive:)

Stacy Clayburn said...

What a great laugh! Thanks for sharing your cute blog. I got it from Debra's. I love how your posts are full of humor, just like your wonderful personality, keep it up!

Fraser's and Co. said...

HEY Sue!!

Got your blog from your mom. What fun postings you have! And adorable pictures, and ADORABLE KIDS. How are you and your doing? A gal I teach with and her hubby hang out with Jason now and then... small world. We have a blog... we got sealed to Aspen. Come see some of our pictures.

Love ya