Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Macey was awake, dressed, backpack on and ready to go to school by 8:30 this morning, too bad she went in the was a long morning. The Backpack Fairy paid a visit the night before to fill her bag with some school goodies and that made her all the more excited. I, however was not so excited for her to go, I have not done well with this school thing. Her teacher is Mrs. Riser, that made it a little easier to send her. She had to wear her "Hanna Montana" outfit today, she looked pretty RoCkiN!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've been a widow this week while Steve has been away to Scout Camp, yes it's been nice, but we are ready for his return. Yesterday Mom called at the last minute to see if we wanted to go to Provo to Scera Swim Park, we were in the car and on the road in 30 min. The kids had a blast, Mom and I had a blast watching the kids have a blast! After it was to Target to buy Macey a few school clothes. This age is great, I pick a handful of clothes show Macey and if she says she'll wear it it goes in the cart, and if not it goes back on the rack, easy peasy! Macey was eating an ice cream bar on the way home, and she'd tell us "sorry Grandma but it sure is messy, it just keeps making messes." I love that Girl! Then it was home with 2 sleepy kids.

Friday, July 17, 2009


This blog is really making me mad right now. I can't figure out what I want to do, and my computer is slow. I'll attempt it again when my patience returns!

A Treat

1 Lick for You...1 Lick for Me

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet 5 year old! Macey has been so excited for her birthday and has been announcing it for the past week. She is finally is as old as all her friends (which is apparently a big deal at that age!) She got 2 hugs from the pool lady; one last week for it almost being her birthday, and one today for her birthday. You are growing up way too fast. Macey we love you more than the world and you are so special to us. Hope that you had a wonderful 5th Birthday. Love Mom and Dad.
Macey is
Energetic Independent Stubborn Obedient Caring
Sharing Motherly Smart Sassy Adventurous Lovable Sweet

Macey Loves
Swimming Dolls Tomatoes Friends Church Caleb Movies
Helping Candy Peas Diet Coke "Driving" Cheese Laughing
Grandmas Papas Aunts Uncles Cousins Shopping Park Swinging
Bikes Mom Dad Sleepovers Teasing Strollers Walks Playing
Kisses Running Pretending

Sunday, June 21, 2009


188 Miles
12 Girls
2 Cars
30 Hours
No Sleep
I'm Addicted!

WBR 2009..What happens in the car stays in the car!! Wasatch Back Relay was awesome, with perfect weather to top it off! I ignored some wise advise and did not train as much as should have for hills, thought I was in good enough shape (haha). The 7.4 miles of constant uphill on a gravel road was very humbling. I'm already planning my revenge on the hill for next year! Also made a bad judgement call and slept on the wrestling mats. Lesson learned from WBR...listen to advise from wiser people than myself! Run Lucky you girls Rock, can't wait for next year!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Macey graduated from ABC Preschool this past week, and kindergarten can not come soon enough for her (mom is not so excited). She has had such a fun year, Avery (her cousin) was in her class, and she loved Ms Angie, and Ms Barbara as her teachers. She said the funnest things about school were going to see the dinosaurs, playing with bubbles, and making stone soup. Angie told me that Macey is the mother of the group (no surprise - when Macey was 2 she would go around in Nursery and wipe the other kids mouths off at snack time). She's as bossy as her own mother too.

1st 1/2

Somehow Carol talked me into running a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles), and by some miracle I finished it! Last Saturday, Carol and I went and ran the Ogden 1/2 Marathon. It was my first race, and I loved it! The course was awesome, the whole atmosphere was just awesome. The night before we finally went to bed around midnight, and I swear as soon as we closed our eyes, the alarm was ringing (at 4:15-I can't believe I woke up that early to go running). We loaded the bus at 5:00am, and when we arrived at the starting line, we got to wait 1 1/2 hours in freezing cold weather. We were all huddled up against each other freezing, trying to steal a spot closer to the fire (that was probably the funnest part). The race started at 7:00, the first 10 miles were not too bad, but the last 3 kicked my butt, I really wanted to quit, so I was really glad that Carol was running with me and made sure I finished the race. I really wanted to finish under 2 hrs, and that was the goal (um run 13 miles in under 2 hours - I was not too confident in myself), so I was totally excited when we finished at 1:48 (I think it was closer to 1:49, but I'm sticking to 1:48). There were 1295 women running the 1/2 and we came in 89th, pretty cool.
Nancy (Carol's aunt who also ran the 1/2), Carol, and me


A few weeks ago we went to Moab with my family. Macey was packed about four day in advance (as long as we are going somewhere that girl is happy). We had a blast, it was so fun to go and spend time with the family. On Friday we went 4-wheeling for about 4 hours, and on Saturday we rode about 48 miles. Every time we stopped Macey would switch riders, and Caleb hung out inside Grandma's coat (it was a little cool, not the beautiful weather I expected from Moab), he went the whole day without making a sound. My kids loved it! The scenery was amazing, and it was great to just go and relax. The car show was also that weekend so at nights we went and sat on main street and watched the old cars cruise up and down the street.
Michelle will probably not be too happy with me posting this picture, but it's too great not to. Saturday afternoon, Michael and Jason took Steve, Dave, Michelle, and Dad on one of the harder rides in the jeeps. It was raining and blowing, and I guess they were trying to find whatever they could in the jeeps to stay warm, this is how they looked when they came back (rough ride!)


My computer caught a nasty virus and has been down for about a month but with the help of a computer genius (no not me) it is back and working! Now life can get back to normal.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Windy Day

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick and tired of the wind. It started out to be such a nice day, and then the wind has to come and ruin it, my patio furniture is blown across the yard, and dirt is flying everywhere. While we were eating dinner today, Macey started singing this little song that we sing a lot at our house, it goes something like: wind wind go away we don't want you here today. Macey and Caleb want to play so never come here again! So it's another day cooped up.
Macey has been sick the past couple weeks, which the wind has actually made it kind of easy to hang out and watch movies with her, and a good excuse to just be lazy. I hate when my kids are sick, but I won't complain about getting to just sit and hold them. Along with being sick, her lymph nodes swelled to the point that I decided to make a trip to the Dr's, where he was quite impressed by the size of them. She's been on Antibiotics, which has helped, and luckily an abscess had not formed. Thankfully, she's pretty much back to her little self again.

Macey has really amazing teachers at church, and it's been really fun to hear her tell us what she's learning in class. On the way home she was telling us that they learned about promises. We asked her what does it mean, and she said "well I told the class that I promised that I peed in the shower this morning, and Caleb pooped in the bath, I promise." So I wonder who learns more, the kids or the teachers?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Stevie! Steve is officially part of the 30'something' club! Making him older today than he was yesterday! It's not very uncommon for Steve to work a 10 hr day and then come home and ask what we would like him to fix us for dinner. He really does take good care of us. Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and father. We love you!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday to our little Buddy! Caleb has brought complete JOY, Happiness, and Excitement to our home this past year. We love you so much!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Thanks Mom and Dad for treating us to an awesomely fun and relaxing day of skiing. Thanks also to Sommer for watching Caleb and taking such great care of my little guy. We were able to have a girls day out at Sundance, and take Macey skiing for her 1st time! She was lucky enough to get a private ski lesson for the #1 ski instructor in the state! It took a little coaxing to get her to go on her 2nd run, but after that she went run after run, for 4 straight hours! She kept saying "let's go through the trees...I like to go fast...lets go on bigger runs..." What a little dare devil. Well, she was until she took a pretty good biff, after that she played it a little safer. She was awesome, I could not believe how amazing she was. I was just a little PROUD of her! Mom was a really good sport too, she hadn't been for a few years but she still went and had fun with us, and kept going even after some snowboarder plowed into the back of her. After, we were treated to dinner at an awesome little Mexican restaurant in Midway, which was really good! When we got home Macey was giving Steve some pointers on "french fries," and "pizza." It was a really fun fun day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Fun

We're always happy when Michelle has a day off from work because then we get to hang out with her, and she motivates us to do something fun!
After...treats at Great Grandpa's house. He's always good for nuts, chocolate covered raisins, and cookies(yum)!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My own Cinderella

Me: Thanks Macey for washing the dishes, that is really nice of you

Macey: anytime Mom, anytime. Mom if you too tired and need a break you just ask me and I'll do them. Anytime, anytime.

I'll probably need to hold this against her 10 years from now!

She told me that she needed to dry them. Ok Great. So then I found her in the kitchen blow drying my dishes...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Caleb is WaLkINg, breaking 2 teeth on top, and doesn't stop eating (he's starting to figure out that there's better stuff out there than baby food)!!
Coach Macey's been giving Caleb a few tips on walking

While Caleb's been learning to walk, Macey's been learning all about Bump,Set,and Spiking! This girl has natural talent! All-Star? Definitely!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What've we been doing?

Caleb has this little obsession with putting things into a bucket and then dumping them out, and starting all over again. I was doing some ironing (yes it happens occasionally) and found him putting clothes into the bin, taking them out, and doing this over again. My Grandma brought over some cinnamon rolls the other day and I had them sitting on the counter. Caleb was in his seat and I had turned away to grab something (briefly!) Macey must have placed the cinnamon rolls within reach because when I turned to take notice Caleb had grabbed one, had both fist full and was stuffing it into his mouth as fast as he could. I just let him go at it, like I could really get him to eat some peas after that mouth full of complete goodness.

Macey's glad to be back to school, 2 weeks is enough break for her. She said her first (I think) naughty word, and while I wouldn't have minded *#$&, or @^$# so much, what she did say was a little more offensive. So after the 9th time saying it (I can't blame her for it being stuck in her head since you hear it constantly on T.V. and from people) I stuck to my word and she had to put soap in her mouth. After she was like "Mom that was like yucky," that's the point.

A look at 08

Just a few things that happened this past year:
* Caleb arrived on 3/4
* Steve turned the big 30 on 3/8,(officially making him an old man!)
* Steve went to work for Western Petroleum (days off spent at All-Star)
* I have a new calling as Relief Society secretary, and am loving it!
* We've lost (killed) 2 kittens, and given away a dog (maybe animals aren't for us)
* Macey turned 4, going to Miss Angie's pre-school and Loves It!
* Started our blog!

Christmas 2008

So I'm still on a Christmas break, but I'm now rededicated myself for all of my readers (all 2 of you). I know that Christmas is long past but I'm still posting a little bit about ours so my kids know that we celebrated! Christmas this year was really fun because Macey understood all about Santa and was really excited for him to come, but we also got to sleep in until 8:00! She added another stroller and baby to her collection. The wheels on the stroller kept falling off, apparently it's a stroller for slow strolling, not running! With a lot of hot glue those suckers have not come off since. I highly recommend this stroller, takes lots of impact and the wheels are made to stay on! Caleb received his two bottom teeth for Christmas and also spoiled with an ATW, which of course Macey also claims as hers. He loves that thing, I have to occasionally hide it or I would push him all day long in it. Not that I wouldn't love to push him in it all day, but circling the kitchen and family room gets kinda old. We had a great Christmas, and were spoiled by family.
Macey and her babies

Caleb in his new red riding machine