Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet 6

Happy Birthday to my sweet 6 year old! I was happy to find that my little girl was 6this morning when she woke up and not 16, like she said she was going to be! Thanks to all who helped her celebrate and make her birthday even more special!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4 Weekend

(Of course I don't have any pics of the weekend, but this is the scenery we got to enjoy on our 4-wheeler ride)

Firworks, BBQ, Pow-Wow, Parade, 1/2 Marathon, 4-wheelin, Boating!

Just a quick note of our July 4th celebration. What we would normally do in a summer, we packed into the past 4 days. Friday we headed over to Fort Duchesne for the annual Pow-Wow (yes we go every year) and for some fry bread. Somehow Macey talked Grandpa into buying her shaved ice, cotton candy, and a ring. Only for "Grandpa's Girl". I ran the Neola 1/2 marathon Saturday morning with about 100 other runners. I loved the run, and I loved that you new most the people running, and that you had so many friends there running with you. I met a girl (Cami) that morning and caught up with her about 2 miles into the run, I turned off my i-pod and ran just about the rest of the way with her and we just talked to whole time. It made the run go by so much faster, I loved being able to run it with her. I was hoping for 2:15 and actually came in at 1:55. I think that is a good system, give yourself plenty of time and be pleasantly surprised when you surpass your expectation. Steve brought the kids up and it was fun to have them there cheering for me. We stayed and went to the Neola parade, my kids loved the airplanes, and we came home with lost of candy. We then headed up to Dry Gulch Canyon with my parents, Jason & Lindsay and went on a 4-wheeler ride with them. The country was so green and just beautiful. There was this little side trail with 3 little rollie hills, and Steve would jump them, we had to go over them about 4 times, and after each time Caleb would say "1 mo, 1 mo". Love that kid! After we stopped in Bluebell for ice cream and to play. Later that night Steve and Macey went up to Aaron's to watch fireworks, while Caleb and I stayed home and went to bed. Sunday we went to Justin and Tenisha's for a BBQ, with some of their family and Kay & Kathy. They cooked just about anything that you could BBQ, and we celebrated Kennedy's birthday with her. Monday we went to the lake with Mindy and Aaron's family, and got a good ab workout from laughing so hard at "the girls". We got whipped around pretty good in the tube, and even Macey, Avery and Caleb took a turn on it. That night my Mom had a BBQ for my family, rode 4-wheelers, rode some more, and had fireworks. It was a busy, but ALL fun weekend. We are so lucky to live around family and to get to spend so much time with them and to also have such good friends!

Ragnar 2010

It just gets more and more fun! I was in van 2 this year and runner 12, and the country was just as amazing as last year. In our van was Carol, Jamie Lamb, Kim Weaver, Amy Taylor, Loralee Reary, and me. There is just something about being in a car for 30+ hours with your girlfriends, no sleep, running... what us Moms will do to get a break! At some point you become delirious from lack of sleep and everything is funny, I think that's what gets you through. We were looking for our rest stop about midnight on Friday and we couldn't find the school so we decided to go to the next exchange and get some sleep. We arrived, got our blankets and pillows and tried to get some sleep on the damp grass before we had to get up at 2:15 to start our next run. Saturday we stayed over night at Stein Erikson Lodge for some much needed sleep before coming home to greet the kiddos and hubby. Kim and I got into bed and were talking and I think that we both just fell asleep in mid conversation, we were so tired after being up for 39 hours. Another awesome year with an awesome team! Did I mention it was Awesome?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Desolation Canyon

We tried to fit Caleb into the dry box but he was a little big!

coolin off and chillin in the water

Ben just being himself!

Michelle and Dave hiding from the wind.. and the kids! They were never alone.

Ryann, Cadin, and Macey playing a serious game of Sorry

Macey and her new "cousin", she tells everyone "Hey you know I have a cousin and her name is Ryann. You spell her name R Y A N N."

Steve was our fearless rower

5 of the cutest river kids! Cadin, Ryann, Corbin, Macey and Caleb

My sister and brother-in-law invited us to go on a river trip with them down Desolation Canyon. We took them up on their offer and headed out last week with a couple of Dave's siblings and their families. Dave pretty much did all the hard work, we just had to show up and have fun. I think that Steve originally went because he was promised amazing food (which it was..even scorched). Despite the wind we fought for a few days we had an amazing time, the kids LOVED it, our group was the best, the food was amazing, and I came to the realization that a week of camping won't kill a person. On our third night camping the wind was blowing so hard that it busted the pole holding our tent up so ever night after we had to come up with a new way of putting it up, which was fun. I was a little worried about taking Caleb but he was a champ. He loved it along with all the other kids. We loved being on the river, camping, the canyon was amazing, and we were able to go on a couple of fun hikes. Thanks Michelle and Dave for adding some adventure to our lives and making the trip so awesome!
Out of all the pictures I can't believe that we don't have a group photo so here is my group photo! Michelle (Dave's sister) found these glasses on a hike and had everyone take a picture with them on!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I was gone for the weekend and when I got back Sunday night I came home to a super clean house (Steve always cleans better than me - seriously), laundry done, some coca-cola, and chocolate. Steve is finally getting to know the way to my heart! Macey has been asking me some questions all week, and telling me that she is making me a surprise at school but can't tell me what it is. She came home yesterday with gift and was so excited about it. Steve said she hit the "cook" right on and I should try for cooks, and the one is "clen the haows", which is not so true. Just for the record I'm not 38! It was a great Mother's Day surprise!


A few weeks ago we went to Moab with my family 4-wheeling and jeepin. It was a little chilly, but we still managed to get sunburned and had a great time. We went on a cold ride Friday afternoon and when we were done and headed for town Caleb was crying and saying "4 we-wer". I really think he could live on a "4 we-wer". He has to sit right on front too and hold the handle bars. He figured out how to start the machines and push the gas, so now he thinks he needs to drive. It was the car show that weekend and Saturday night we sat on main and watched the cars. Macey was right out on the curb with Logan and Jackson and they would all be waiving their arms around in circles cheering the cars on. I will definitely say that in Moab you can see just about anything that can be done with a vehicle.

Monday, February 1, 2010

another day

I was being really productive this morning, getting my closets cleaned and dejunkified, and then I noticed there had been a long pause of silence. What I found next was not so pleasant. My two angels had taken food coloring and smeared it all over my couch ottoman, had it all over their hair, faces, hands, and left some cute hand prints in my carpet.
Notice that Macey is smiling, and Caleb has this little look of panic on his face.

Macey kept scrubbing her hands, and the coloring would not come off. She went to school wearing gloves and told me she would have to wear them all day so the kids wouldn't think her hands were gross. This is how Caleb looked after getting scrubbed down. Anyone know how to get food coloring off skin?

So while cleaning is not typically a part of my everyday, everything else was just another day!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coming Soon...


my return to blogging and a better post than this! Is it to late to post our Christmas?!