Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Strictly Monkey Business

About a month ago I borrowed my Moms bunt pans to make monkey bread, well today and after many request from Steve, I finally got around to making some. I wonder if my mom noticed that her pans are missing? Having Macey in the kitchen while cooking is usually not so much fun. There are a lot of Macey's and don'ts in the same sentence. Well, today she helped me make the bread and it's was the funnest hour I've ever spent in the kitchen. I made the dough while her and Caleb were napping, then when she woke up we had fun rolling out the dough, cutting out circles, and getting our fingers all greasy with butter while dipping the dough in it. She loved watching the bread grow in the oven, and of course the best part, eating it!I'm sure that we'll be making it again soon.

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Ryan and Debra said...

I need your recipe... looks like fun!!!