Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Macey graduated from ABC Preschool this past week, and kindergarten can not come soon enough for her (mom is not so excited). She has had such a fun year, Avery (her cousin) was in her class, and she loved Ms Angie, and Ms Barbara as her teachers. She said the funnest things about school were going to see the dinosaurs, playing with bubbles, and making stone soup. Angie told me that Macey is the mother of the group (no surprise - when Macey was 2 she would go around in Nursery and wipe the other kids mouths off at snack time). She's as bossy as her own mother too.

1st 1/2

Somehow Carol talked me into running a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles), and by some miracle I finished it! Last Saturday, Carol and I went and ran the Ogden 1/2 Marathon. It was my first race, and I loved it! The course was awesome, the whole atmosphere was just awesome. The night before we finally went to bed around midnight, and I swear as soon as we closed our eyes, the alarm was ringing (at 4:15-I can't believe I woke up that early to go running). We loaded the bus at 5:00am, and when we arrived at the starting line, we got to wait 1 1/2 hours in freezing cold weather. We were all huddled up against each other freezing, trying to steal a spot closer to the fire (that was probably the funnest part). The race started at 7:00, the first 10 miles were not too bad, but the last 3 kicked my butt, I really wanted to quit, so I was really glad that Carol was running with me and made sure I finished the race. I really wanted to finish under 2 hrs, and that was the goal (um run 13 miles in under 2 hours - I was not too confident in myself), so I was totally excited when we finished at 1:48 (I think it was closer to 1:49, but I'm sticking to 1:48). There were 1295 women running the 1/2 and we came in 89th, pretty cool.
Nancy (Carol's aunt who also ran the 1/2), Carol, and me


A few weeks ago we went to Moab with my family. Macey was packed about four day in advance (as long as we are going somewhere that girl is happy). We had a blast, it was so fun to go and spend time with the family. On Friday we went 4-wheeling for about 4 hours, and on Saturday we rode about 48 miles. Every time we stopped Macey would switch riders, and Caleb hung out inside Grandma's coat (it was a little cool, not the beautiful weather I expected from Moab), he went the whole day without making a sound. My kids loved it! The scenery was amazing, and it was great to just go and relax. The car show was also that weekend so at nights we went and sat on main street and watched the old cars cruise up and down the street.
Michelle will probably not be too happy with me posting this picture, but it's too great not to. Saturday afternoon, Michael and Jason took Steve, Dave, Michelle, and Dad on one of the harder rides in the jeeps. It was raining and blowing, and I guess they were trying to find whatever they could in the jeeps to stay warm, this is how they looked when they came back (rough ride!)


My computer caught a nasty virus and has been down for about a month but with the help of a computer genius (no not me) it is back and working! Now life can get back to normal.