Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My own Cinderella

Me: Thanks Macey for washing the dishes, that is really nice of you

Macey: anytime Mom, anytime. Mom if you too tired and need a break you just ask me and I'll do them. Anytime, anytime.

I'll probably need to hold this against her 10 years from now!

She told me that she needed to dry them. Ok Great. So then I found her in the kitchen blow drying my dishes...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Caleb is WaLkINg, breaking 2 teeth on top, and doesn't stop eating (he's starting to figure out that there's better stuff out there than baby food)!!
Coach Macey's been giving Caleb a few tips on walking

While Caleb's been learning to walk, Macey's been learning all about Bump,Set,and Spiking! This girl has natural talent! All-Star? Definitely!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What've we been doing?

Caleb has this little obsession with putting things into a bucket and then dumping them out, and starting all over again. I was doing some ironing (yes it happens occasionally) and found him putting clothes into the bin, taking them out, and doing this over again. My Grandma brought over some cinnamon rolls the other day and I had them sitting on the counter. Caleb was in his seat and I had turned away to grab something (briefly!) Macey must have placed the cinnamon rolls within reach because when I turned to take notice Caleb had grabbed one, had both fist full and was stuffing it into his mouth as fast as he could. I just let him go at it, like I could really get him to eat some peas after that mouth full of complete goodness.

Macey's glad to be back to school, 2 weeks is enough break for her. She said her first (I think) naughty word, and while I wouldn't have minded *#$&, or @^$# so much, what she did say was a little more offensive. So after the 9th time saying it (I can't blame her for it being stuck in her head since you hear it constantly on T.V. and from people) I stuck to my word and she had to put soap in her mouth. After she was like "Mom that was like yucky," that's the point.

A look at 08

Just a few things that happened this past year:
* Caleb arrived on 3/4
* Steve turned the big 30 on 3/8,(officially making him an old man!)
* Steve went to work for Western Petroleum (days off spent at All-Star)
* I have a new calling as Relief Society secretary, and am loving it!
* We've lost (killed) 2 kittens, and given away a dog (maybe animals aren't for us)
* Macey turned 4, going to Miss Angie's pre-school and Loves It!
* Started our blog!

Christmas 2008

So I'm still on a Christmas break, but I'm now rededicated myself for all of my readers (all 2 of you). I know that Christmas is long past but I'm still posting a little bit about ours so my kids know that we celebrated! Christmas this year was really fun because Macey understood all about Santa and was really excited for him to come, but we also got to sleep in until 8:00! She added another stroller and baby to her collection. The wheels on the stroller kept falling off, apparently it's a stroller for slow strolling, not running! With a lot of hot glue those suckers have not come off since. I highly recommend this stroller, takes lots of impact and the wheels are made to stay on! Caleb received his two bottom teeth for Christmas and also spoiled with an ATW, which of course Macey also claims as hers. He loves that thing, I have to occasionally hide it or I would push him all day long in it. Not that I wouldn't love to push him in it all day, but circling the kitchen and family room gets kinda old. We had a great Christmas, and were spoiled by family.
Macey and her babies

Caleb in his new red riding machine