Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thanksgiving came and then somehow half of December is gone without much notice. It seems that since Thanksgiving life has been a lot busier, I'm not quite sure what we've been doing, but it's definitely busier. We had Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad's home. Mom fixed an amazing meal, we pretty much just had to show up and eat as much as we could, which somehow I managed to eat a lot!! Mom so graciously gave Macey some outside lights for the house, so after much begging, pleading, whining, puppy dog faces, Steve caved and put up lights. I love to look at the lights and it's amazing how they add to the spirit of Christmas, so it's a fun to come home at nights and see our house lit up. I felt like I have so much to be grateful for this year and am so appreciative. I have an amazing husband, two great kids, we are all healthy, jobs, a home to live in, the gospel. I could go on and on, I simply feel blessed. Grandma Kathy made a Christmas bag for the grand kids that was full of little presents to be opened throughout the month. Most are little things, like a puzzle, or a box of brownies to be made and shared with the neighbors. It's been fun to look forward to the evenings and reading a poem or story to go along with the gift and then doing to activity with it. One was a book that we read together, another was a movie for family night. I wanted this year to place more of an importance on the spirit and meaning of Christmas, then just on getting gifts. This activity has been fun for us because we've been able to spend time as a family doing them. I love the age that Macey's at right now because she's excited about everything, looking at lights, making treats, being happy with just a little things. It's a great age! I realized though that it's almost the 25th and we have not made near enough treats, so the goal this next week is the make many many yummy goodies, and then take them to my sister's home(I will make you cave!)

was sick a couple weeks ago so we took him to the hospital and after a looooooong wait it turned out not to be an ear infection like I thought but just a little virus, so we are still waiting it out. At nine months he tipped to scale at 17 pounds 11 ounces, and I still need to measure height (don't forget, mom please write a sticky note for me!). He crawls all over, stands up to things, but appears to have no desire to walk. He melts my heart, and I'm sure that he'd melt yours too. He loves his hugs and kisses, cuddles at intervals through the day, and is getting quite accustomed to falling asleep in Mom and Dad's bed. He also likes to be down playing, doing his own thing. He'll get on the floor and follow behind Macey, being her little shadow. The other day he was on a patch of tile by our back door, and was playing with a bouncy ball. It would bounce then land on the carpet and stop. He was quite amazed by this and played for about twenty minutes doing this. I love this kid and the simpleness of his play.

is four. Need I say more! She is still our energizer bunny, that never seems to stop. I try to keep up but then after ten minutes, I'm ready for a break. Miss Angie is her preschool teacher, and she loves it. Every day she ask if she can go to school, if only she could keep this excitement for the next 13+ years! Avery is in her class which makes it all the more fun. Macey loves her little brother and still refers to him as "son", she packs him around, dotes on him, smothers him in kisses, pushes him in the stroller, tries to feed him, and most of the time he has a big smile on his face and loves the attention. I love their little relationship, and bond that they have together. The other day my Mom treated Macey and her parents to Bolt while she watched Caleb. It was fun to have just "Macey Time". On the way home Macey was talking to us, and it made me realize how big and grown up she is getting, and while on a daily basis we still have debates and the trying to reason with a four year old (I rarely win), I realized that I need to soak up all of that girl I can, I love every bit of her, and I don't want to miss out on one little important thing she has to say!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so darling! Are you coming out this way for Christmas?

Welcome back to the blogging world :-)

Ryan and Debra said...

What little cuties! I am glad to hear that Macey tries to pack Caleb all over too...Bekkah is always trying all kinds of tricks with little Dustin.
Love the crawler socks! We will have to look into getting some of those and I don't think I will be sewing them...yep, my hands are full...or you can call it lazy...either way, I think it would make a great stocking stuffer!