Monday, September 29, 2008

Makeup Makeover

WOW! Is it already Halloween! Macey and Paige gave themselves a "Makeup Party" today. Sadly the picture does not do justice!

Buzz Cut

Caleb has been given a buzz before, but I consider this his first offical haircut with style, that is if you consider a military crew-cut in style! Only a few tears shed, but all-in-all a success for a infant.

Cloth Diapers

I think that I'm going to try out cloth diapers and see how it goes. We could save a little money, plus help out the environment. I tried to convince Steve and it did not fly with him. I've never seen Steve so passionately against something. I actually never intended to try them out, I had bought them to make burp rags with, but after seeing Steve get so worked up about it, I thought I'd play it out for a little while! One day when he came home I had one on Caleb and Steve was like "what the heck you poor kid, what has Mom done to you." He actually did not through as big of a stink as I thought he would, after I told him the little joke he said, well I know once you get an idea your going to do it, and there's no stopping you." After being married for over 5 years he's finally starting to get me:) For now we will not be doing cloth diapers in our home, but the gdiapers I think I could definitely like.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Breakfast? Lunch?

It's 2:00pm, we've been for a walk, played at the park, stopped to say hello to great grandpa, and I've realized that we have not had breakfast or lunch, again! Except for those 4 Oreo cookies! So with great weather outside and wanting to be out and enjoying it, I tell Macey to load up, we're going somewhere special! As we turn off onto the Bluebell road she gets a huge smile on her face and shouts for "ice cream!" Hey why not? It's not like we get ice cream everyday for breakfast and lunch, just every other day! Macey has enjoyed the little trips up to Bluebell this summer to play at the park and then indulge on some hard ice cream from the Bluebell store across the road, and if grandma's around then Caleb gets to enjoy a few licks also. My children may not get all the protein they need, but dairy we've got covered! Did I mention that we've been to the park TWICE (2) today. Macey would live at the park if I let her, and spend the whole time on the swings! When we came back home Macey grabbed her shake coupons from Rocky's and asked ever so nicely if we could go get ice cream, I'm not that nice.
P.S. As I write this Macey has crowded in on my chair space and is trying to do my hair, I'm telling her for the 100th time, "Macey seriously I really don't want my hair done today," she replies, "seriously Mom, you do want you hair done today." Who can argue with that!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

6 Months

First time sitting by himself and proud of it
I'm not quite sure what the facial expression is, but it looks serious
My little guy is 6 months old today. Weighting in at about 16 lbs, and not as tall as I thought you were, ranking just in the 10% at your last check up, if that means anything. With the genes on both sides of the family I don't think height will be an issue. Here's 6 things about you little buddy:
* This past week you have been sitting up by yourself, and pretty proud of it
* You love applesauce and pears, and not so much for squash. Unfortunately I think you have also inherited your Mother's sweet tooth.
* You have a one-of-a-kind hairstyle, no matter how much lotion or gel is used it usually goes back to it's normal shape!
* You wake up smiling and babbling, go to bed smiling, laugh easily, your positively the happiest, most easy going baby.
* You love to bounce up and down, you'll get into your walker toy and just jump up and down and hauler the whole time.
* Loves kisses, mostly from your Mom of course!

Labor Day Weekend

Last Friday we had the joy of going to Swiss Days and battling it out with the other women there. Yes, I was the one with the baby, and stroller, and 4 year old. While it was really fun to battle the crowd, and trying to get in the already crowded tents, I would not suggest taking the little tikes along. Anyways, we bought lots of good stuff that we probably would not have bought otherwise. We did pick up some really cute headbands for around $13 each, we got a deal because we bought 3, then that night we stayed with Aunt Janae and she helped us make some more (if your a Basinite it's 'smore') at a cost of around 1.25 each. On our way home we stopped of at Bridal Veil Falls and had a picnic then played in the water. The rest of the weekend we had Mindy and Aaron's kids or "the girls" over for a night, and we hung out at Mom and Dad's and ate the weekend away. It was a great way to end the last big weekend of summer.