Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4 Weekend

(Of course I don't have any pics of the weekend, but this is the scenery we got to enjoy on our 4-wheeler ride)

Firworks, BBQ, Pow-Wow, Parade, 1/2 Marathon, 4-wheelin, Boating!

Just a quick note of our July 4th celebration. What we would normally do in a summer, we packed into the past 4 days. Friday we headed over to Fort Duchesne for the annual Pow-Wow (yes we go every year) and for some fry bread. Somehow Macey talked Grandpa into buying her shaved ice, cotton candy, and a ring. Only for "Grandpa's Girl". I ran the Neola 1/2 marathon Saturday morning with about 100 other runners. I loved the run, and I loved that you new most the people running, and that you had so many friends there running with you. I met a girl (Cami) that morning and caught up with her about 2 miles into the run, I turned off my i-pod and ran just about the rest of the way with her and we just talked to whole time. It made the run go by so much faster, I loved being able to run it with her. I was hoping for 2:15 and actually came in at 1:55. I think that is a good system, give yourself plenty of time and be pleasantly surprised when you surpass your expectation. Steve brought the kids up and it was fun to have them there cheering for me. We stayed and went to the Neola parade, my kids loved the airplanes, and we came home with lost of candy. We then headed up to Dry Gulch Canyon with my parents, Jason & Lindsay and went on a 4-wheeler ride with them. The country was so green and just beautiful. There was this little side trail with 3 little rollie hills, and Steve would jump them, we had to go over them about 4 times, and after each time Caleb would say "1 mo, 1 mo". Love that kid! After we stopped in Bluebell for ice cream and to play. Later that night Steve and Macey went up to Aaron's to watch fireworks, while Caleb and I stayed home and went to bed. Sunday we went to Justin and Tenisha's for a BBQ, with some of their family and Kay & Kathy. They cooked just about anything that you could BBQ, and we celebrated Kennedy's birthday with her. Monday we went to the lake with Mindy and Aaron's family, and got a good ab workout from laughing so hard at "the girls". We got whipped around pretty good in the tube, and even Macey, Avery and Caleb took a turn on it. That night my Mom had a BBQ for my family, rode 4-wheelers, rode some more, and had fireworks. It was a busy, but ALL fun weekend. We are so lucky to live around family and to get to spend so much time with them and to also have such good friends!


jeffandlorraine said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! I'm so impressed with all the running you're doing! I wish I was that motivated! :) We need to get together soon...it's been way too long!

John and Sommer Weight Family said...

Looks like you had a busy fun weekend! Your kids are so cute-we had fun when they came over.

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