Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Desolation Canyon

We tried to fit Caleb into the dry box but he was a little big!

coolin off and chillin in the water

Ben just being himself!

Michelle and Dave hiding from the wind.. and the kids! They were never alone.

Ryann, Cadin, and Macey playing a serious game of Sorry

Macey and her new "cousin", she tells everyone "Hey you know I have a cousin and her name is Ryann. You spell her name R Y A N N."

Steve was our fearless rower

5 of the cutest river kids! Cadin, Ryann, Corbin, Macey and Caleb

My sister and brother-in-law invited us to go on a river trip with them down Desolation Canyon. We took them up on their offer and headed out last week with a couple of Dave's siblings and their families. Dave pretty much did all the hard work, we just had to show up and have fun. I think that Steve originally went because he was promised amazing food (which it was..even scorched). Despite the wind we fought for a few days we had an amazing time, the kids LOVED it, our group was the best, the food was amazing, and I came to the realization that a week of camping won't kill a person. On our third night camping the wind was blowing so hard that it busted the pole holding our tent up so ever night after we had to come up with a new way of putting it up, which was fun. I was a little worried about taking Caleb but he was a champ. He loved it along with all the other kids. We loved being on the river, camping, the canyon was amazing, and we were able to go on a couple of fun hikes. Thanks Michelle and Dave for adding some adventure to our lives and making the trip so awesome!
Out of all the pictures I can't believe that we don't have a group photo so here is my group photo! Michelle (Dave's sister) found these glasses on a hike and had everyone take a picture with them on!


John and Sommer Weight Family said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a ton of fun!!

michellemcpherson said...

What a cute post I am loving the group shot!! Thanks so much for going again you guys helped to make it so much fun it is one of my favorite trips of all time for sure!

Jon and Camie said...

Hey Suelyn! I love the post, way cute! It was so much fun getting to know your cute little family:) Ryann talks about Macey ALL the time! "Mom,when am I going to see Macey again?" Too bad we don't live closer. Maybe someday!!

julie said...

you guys are troopers!!!! I think you are so brave and are my idols! Looks like you had a blast along with Stephen and the kids! Yeahhhhh for family trips!

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