Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I was gone for the weekend and when I got back Sunday night I came home to a super clean house (Steve always cleans better than me - seriously), laundry done, some coca-cola, and chocolate. Steve is finally getting to know the way to my heart! Macey has been asking me some questions all week, and telling me that she is making me a surprise at school but can't tell me what it is. She came home yesterday with gift and was so excited about it. Steve said she hit the "cook" right on and I should try for cooks, and the one is "clen the haows", which is not so true. Just for the record I'm not 38! It was a great Mother's Day surprise!


Fraser's and Co. said...

Such a fun age!! I'd stick with the "I'm not 38" thing for awhile :)

Isaak and Jackie said...

you are a good looking 38 year old

Debra said...

that's cute! I couldn't believe that you were 38...Kids are so funny!

julie said...

That is adorable...I love Mothers Day gifts from kids, they always put so much thought into them....too cute!
PS...there is nothing wrong with being 38...I wished I was~

mjshdiif said...

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