Monday, February 1, 2010

another day

I was being really productive this morning, getting my closets cleaned and dejunkified, and then I noticed there had been a long pause of silence. What I found next was not so pleasant. My two angels had taken food coloring and smeared it all over my couch ottoman, had it all over their hair, faces, hands, and left some cute hand prints in my carpet.
Notice that Macey is smiling, and Caleb has this little look of panic on his face.

Macey kept scrubbing her hands, and the coloring would not come off. She went to school wearing gloves and told me she would have to wear them all day so the kids wouldn't think her hands were gross. This is how Caleb looked after getting scrubbed down. Anyone know how to get food coloring off skin?

So while cleaning is not typically a part of my everyday, everything else was just another day!!


Debra said...


michellemcpherson said...

Oh my gosh!! You didn't tell me about the food coloring, they looked pretty proud of themselves, so funny not so fun to clean up though

Debra said...

hey...i went private...send me your e-mail so I can send you an invite:)

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