Friday, January 16, 2009

A look at 08

Just a few things that happened this past year:
* Caleb arrived on 3/4
* Steve turned the big 30 on 3/8,(officially making him an old man!)
* Steve went to work for Western Petroleum (days off spent at All-Star)
* I have a new calling as Relief Society secretary, and am loving it!
* We've lost (killed) 2 kittens, and given away a dog (maybe animals aren't for us)
* Macey turned 4, going to Miss Angie's pre-school and Loves It!
* Started our blog!

1 comment:

Dusty and Carol said...

Hey easy on the big 3 0 and "old man" in the same sentence. Some of us our knocking on 3 0's door and aren't too excited!!!