Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet 5 year old! Macey has been so excited for her birthday and has been announcing it for the past week. She is finally is as old as all her friends (which is apparently a big deal at that age!) She got 2 hugs from the pool lady; one last week for it almost being her birthday, and one today for her birthday. You are growing up way too fast. Macey we love you more than the world and you are so special to us. Hope that you had a wonderful 5th Birthday. Love Mom and Dad.
Macey is
Energetic Independent Stubborn Obedient Caring
Sharing Motherly Smart Sassy Adventurous Lovable Sweet

Macey Loves
Swimming Dolls Tomatoes Friends Church Caleb Movies
Helping Candy Peas Diet Coke "Driving" Cheese Laughing
Grandmas Papas Aunts Uncles Cousins Shopping Park Swinging
Bikes Mom Dad Sleepovers Teasing Strollers Walks Playing
Kisses Running Pretending


Ryan and Debra said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Macey! It's great to be 5! Love the Pants Cake...That is way too cute!!!

Tony and Jay Ivins said...

Can't believe it! She is growing up so fast. We need to get our girls together!

julie said...

Happy birthday Macey Ray! I love you bunches and bunches...I can't believe that its been 5 years ago! WOW, they grow so fast!!!!

L & L Gardner said...

I hope the next 5 years don't go as quickly as these last 5 have have!! We lov you Racey Macey!!!!
grandpa,grandma G.

michellemcpherson said...

Oh my goodness, that cake turned out so cute, good job Sue!