Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good ole' movie memories

I love to think of the movies that I grew up watching and the ones that really stick out in my mind like Toby Tyler, Rad, and such. We never watched a lot of TV, especially since we did not have cable, well not until I went to college of course. So when we watched TV it was usually a movie. My mom has been buying some of these films to add to their movie collection, surprisingly you can still buy them, and I'm sure she is the only one. It's funny to see my daughter watching them, the only difference is I watched them on VHS, and she is watching them on DVD. I'm astonished that my husband is watching several of these for the first time in his life, such a deprived childhood he had! I can tell I'm aging when my nieces give me the "look" when I suggest watching Follow Me Boys, or when I tell them I have not seen House of Wax. I really like Auntie Mame and Hello Dolly, but the fact that I watched them about every time I went to grandma Jennings home is what makes them so great because they remind me of her. It's probably a bit corny that I still enjoy watching them, and that I just rented My Fair Lady the other day, to my surprise it was not rented out! What's your favorite childhood movies growing up?


michellemcpherson said...

Hey Sue, just here at grandpas showing him how to do this blogging thing, he thought your site was pretty cute, stay cool
your beloved sister, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wahoo!!! Hooray for blogging :-) I can't wait to read up on your family. You kids are so cute!

I loved going to grandma's and watching Seven brides for Seven Brothers. I got my girls hooked on it. Also, The Gnomemobile & North Avenue Irregulars. Justin thinks we are nuts

Now you just need to get your mom on the blogwagon!