Friday, July 25, 2008

Offical 2-wheeler

A couple days ago Macey decided that she wanted her training wheels off, so we took them off the little bike for her to practice with. After about a 6 times or so practicing getting started, she had it down and was off to the neighbors to get Paige. At the first of summer we tried to get Macey to ride a two-wheeler, but failed because #1:it was not on her own terms & #2: she has a two-second attention span. I guess she realized that a whole new world and places to go would open up to her without the training wheels. She's roamed the neighborhood plenty since ditching the wheels, and thinks it's pretty cool that she can ride to Paige's by herself. We were smart enough to put 2 horns on her new birthday bike, so hopefully we can hear and know were she is at all times!

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Lauriej said...

Way to go Macey!
Sue- I need to get your email so I can send you an invite on good reads. we need to hook up